Crisis Points

Author: Britt Andreatta
Posted On: January 8, 2018

This article first was published on CTDO | Winter 2017.

As a senior talent professional, you're in the business of cultivating the potential of your organization and its people. Organizations grow and change in predictable ways, moving through six stages of development. Each shift requires new skills for the organization's leaders and employees and can predict attrition in key groups. Knowing how to identify where your organization is, and more importantly, the next stage it is growing into, will help you anticipate business needs and be ready with the right learning and talent solutions.

I find the Greiner Curve to be incredibly useful in understanding and predicting all kinds of talent-related issues. As the former chief learning officer at, I used it to analyze the organization's current and future needs so who I could create an effective learning strategy. This enabled me to address crucial skill development for everyone from senior executives to new hires.

As a consultant, the model now helps me easily identify current issues and predict future ones. My clients often feel I have a crystal ball. And you need one too.

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