Brain Aware Leader Training

the brain-based approach to creating great managers

Get certified in this groundbreaking new manager training

The Brain Aware Leader Training is a science-based learning solution that gives managers the critical skills they need to drive success.

The Problem: Bad managers can do real damage, driving attrition of yourbest people and costing organizations billions of dollars each year.
Consider these recent findings:

  • 84% of U.S. workers say poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary stress
  • 57% say they have quit a job because of a bad boss, and of those who stayed, 1/3 seriously considered leaving
  • 1 in 4 American workers dread going to work

The Solution: When given the right training, managers not only improve, they can become the “secret sauce” that turns a good organization into a great one! Good managers become a magnet for top talent, increasing productivity and engagement. Gallup's State of the American Manager Report estimates that managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units. Another study found that 50% of employees feel their own performance would improve if their boss received the right kind of manager training. But what is “the right kind” of training? To be effective, it needs to be highly engaging to managers as well as drive sustained behavior change.

The Brain Aware Leader Training is designed to do just that. In these powerful courses, created by Dr. Britt Andreatta—internationally recognized thought leader in leadership development and learning strategy—your learners will gain a new understanding of managing people by learning about the biology and neuroscience of what brings out the best in others. In every engaging session, your managers will actively apply content and concepts to their current teams and projects.

95 percent Approval
95% of managers rated the Brain Aware® Leader Training as “excellent”
Brain-based content is relevant
to every region and demographic
Winner of the BEST Award from the
Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Create a cohesive learning journey

The Brain Aware Leader Training offers 30 hours of content over 6 interconnected sessions that create a holistic set of effective skills. Each session features science-based content and related hands-on practice activities. With your certification, you can offer the training in a variety of formats including live in-person, live online, and blended with asynchronous resources like videos, readings, and exercises. Each session is organized around a theme or metaphor and materials are marked with color-coded icons for easy reference and review.

Brain Aware Leader: the brain-based approach to creating great managers

Group of People

What sets this training solution apart?

  • Science-based learning solution that drives “aha! moments” and behavior change
  • Award winning product with proven effectiveness
  • Appropropriate for all kinds of organizations and industries
  • Engaging learning experience with strategies your managers can implement immediately
  • Best-practices in learning design and delivery ensure great evaluations and return on investment (ROI)
  • 100% customizable to your context and culture
  • Certifi cation is self-paced to work with your busy schedule
  • Robust kit of resources supports a variety of rollout formats and timelines

Your extensive Trainer’s Toolkit includes:

  • 6 visually stunning presentation decks featuring a central theme/metaphor and a learning arc that drives “aha moments”
  • 70+ engaging hand-on activities to drive sustained behavior change through hands-on practice and application
  • 6 gorgeous session workbooks to keep your learners engaged and growing
  • 60+ videos of Dr. Andreatta teaching the content, which you can use to learn how to deliver the content and/or show to your audiences
  • 5 timer movies you can insert into the deck to keep exercises and discussions on track
  • 3 of Dr. Andreatta’s books (Wired to Resist, Wired to Connect, Wired to Grow)
  • Additional materials for extended learning through review webinars and memory boosting concept cards
  • Online and self-paced certification to get you up and running quickly and easily
  • Feedback from Dr. Andreatta and her team throughout your certification process
  • Rollout support with agenda timelines and a complete launch guide to help you succeed
  • Live quarterly webinar for ongoing support
Trainer's Toolkit
3 Books

Based on the best-selling books
Wired to Connect, Wired to Resist,
and Wired to Grow
by Dr. Britt Andreatta,
an internationally recognized thought
leader, speaker, and consultant.

Session Snapshots:

Session 1: Managing People

  • Data on the impact of good managers
  • Growth Culture® Manager Model (with assessment)
  • Delegating for development
  • Assessing engagement and flight risk
"All the tools we’re really helpful. Implementing only one or two tools may make an impactful change but the same tool may not work for every team member. It's great that I now have a variety of tools to choose from." ~Participant

Session 2: Coaching for Impact

  • Four types of workplace coaching conversations
  • Skills coaching techniques
  • Clarity coaching techniques (GROW model)
  • Several practice sessions with partner
"The coaching practice really helped me improve my coaching
skills. It gave me the motivation and confidence to implement
coaching at the jobsite." ~Participant

Session 3: Increasing Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-awareness with focus on core values (with assessment)
  • Self-control with exploration of hijacks & triggers
  • Awareness of others and cultivating empathy
  • Building relationships through enhanced communication
"This was my favorite session. Understanding hijacks and triggers really helped push me to have crucial conversations with my team. I also found the core value exercise insightful. It helped me to understand how a misalignment in the core values of teams or team members can really impact a project or cause conflict between individuals." ~Participant
Session Snapshot

Session 4: Creating Peak Teams

  • The brain science of high-performing teams
  • Types of teamwork and [athways to high performance or dysfunction
  • Psychological safety, belonging and inclusion (with assessment)
  • Four Gates to Peak Team Performance®
"My biggest takeaway was the criteria within the 4 gates. Mostly the psychological safety aspect. I am on a project now that has had a complete breakdown of trust, and I’ve seen people get shamed and torn down. After this session, I went back and implemented some of the tools, and had a few crucial conversations. We've seen some improvement!" ~Participant

Happy customers!

"I love the way Britt has synthesized leading brain science research with tried and true methods for leading people. My managers are eating it up! The Train-The-Trainer was easy to navigate and provided me the flexibility I need to juggle multiple priorities. The team has been very responsive and collaborative in supporting our rollout."
~Justin Reinert, Director of Learning & Development at Amobee
"I've done the 'required' management and leadership training at a number of companies from small startups to giants in the enterprise space—including Microsoft and Cisco—and without a doubt the training that Britt Andreatta has created has been the most engaging and useful of all."
~Tim Ahlers, VP of Product at Avvo Legal

Brain Aware Manager: the brain-based approach to creating great managers

Session 5: Leading Effective Change

  • Asessing the impact of change (with assessment)
  • The brain science of resistance (with assessment)
  • Change Quest Model
  • Troubleshooting common challenges
"Mapping out change was an amazing tool to manage expectations. It will definitely help my teams point out stressful times well in advance so we can plan ahead for it and keep performing well through those stressful changes." ~Participant

Session 6: Driving Execution & Accountability

  • Intersection of strategy, execution, and accountability
  • Seven barriers to execution
  • Celebrating effort, progress, and success
  • Synthesizing all of the training content into an action plan
"Before, I would basically show up and manage the job and my team on a day-to-day basis. This session really helped me to take the time to analyze my team, the goal, the challenges etc. and develop a thoughtful action plan." ~Participant

Happy managers!

"An amazing program! The best one I've taken at my company. I learned a lot about how to be a great manager and now I have new tools and resources to keep growing. I feel much more confident and better equipped to manage my team."
~Manager, National Legal Company
"It's a great training with a lot of valuable takeaways. I became more aware of how my actions directly impact people. It helped me identify blind spots but also gave me tools to minimize the negative effects of them. The best training I've taken."
~Manager, Global Construction Firm
"The Brain Aware Manager has been one of the best trainings I've attended. It gave me a lot of tools and ideas to address some issues I've been having, both at work and at home. Very beneficial!"
~Manager, Global Tech Company

Get certified today!

Within a few short weeks, you can be rolling out this world-class training in your organization. The online Train-The-Trainer program is self-paced, making it easy to get up and running quickly. No need to travel or wait for a public session. All the teaching materials (presentation decks, videos) are immediately available, allowing you to customize them as you learn. Assignments help you prepare to deliver the content and you’ll receive personalized feedback from Dr. Andreatta and her top team of learning and development professionals. 

Who can get certified? Certification is available to both talent professionals who wish to roll out the training to their internal managers, or for independent consultants who wish to bring this training to their clients.

Investing in your managers now will pay off well into the future

The fastest way to increase productivity and engagement in your organization is to invest in your managers. One study found that when companies increase their number of talented managers, they can double the rate of engaged employees, and this yields, on average, 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

If you would like Dr. Andreatta to deliver all or a portion of the training to a special cohort, please contact us for her speaking fees and availability. We also have certified trainers on our team with different price points and areas of expertise.

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