Four Gates to Peak Team Performance

The Brain-Based Approach To Creating Great Teams

Four Gates to Peak Team Performance is a groundbreaking model based on the brain science of what brings out the best in teams and groups.

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Four Gates to Peak Team Performance

the brain-based approach to creating great teams

Teams power more and more of today’s work around the world. According to one study, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of effective teamwork and collaboration as the source of workplace failures. Recent discoveries in neuroscience illuminate what differentiates high-performing teams from the rest. Learn how safety, inclusion, purpose, and belonging create the necessary conditions for true collaboration and team excellence. This groundbreaking approach will give participants new tools and strategies they can implement immediately to consistently create peak-performing teams.

During this engaging learning experience, participants will discover:

The Paths of Team Development
Teams take one of three paths: a leap to excellence, a journey to suffi cient but unexceptional performance, or a spiral into dysfunction and learned helplessness. Discover the elements that determine their trajectory.

Psychological Safety and Inclusion
Study after study shows that psychological safety is the key differentiator of high-performing teams. Learn how to assess and develop psychological safety as well as belonging and inclusion.

Types of Team Work
Every day, teams are asked to move along the continuum of coordination, cooperation, and collaboration. Explore the crucial differences between them and the necessary skills to be successful at each.

Brain Science of Teams
While people are biologically wired to connect with others, critical conditions must be met in order to drive peak performance at work. Discover how to create what scientists call neural synchrony and rhythm of team, the hallmark of peak-performing teams.

Wired to Connect by Britt Andreatta

Based on the best-selling book, Wired to Connect

by Dr. Britt Andreatta, an internationally recognized thought leader with over 10 million views of her learning programs worldwide.

Learn how to bring out the best in teams and groups.

What sets this high-performing team approach apart?

Four Gates to Peak Performance the brain based approach to creating great teams.
  • Brain science-based solution with proven effectiveness across all kinds of organizations and industries.
  • Can be used to build great teams or enhance current productivity, collaboration, and inclusion.
  • Creates a shared language and approach to building high-performing teams.
  • 100% customizable to your context and culture.
  • Interactive and engaging learning experience with strategies participants can implement immediately.
  • 4 visually stunning presentation decks with content specific to team leaders, team members, and executives—each has a learning arc of ground-breaking content that drives “aha moments” and behavior change.
  • 30+ videos of Dr. Andreatta teaching the content, which you can use to learn how to deliver the content and/or show to your audiences.
  • 3 timer movies you can insert into the deck to keep exercises and discussions on track.
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“I’ve done the ‘required’ management and leadership training at a number of companies from small startups to giants in the enterprise space—including Microsoft and Cisco—and without a doubt the training that Britt Andreatta has created has been the most engaging and useful of all.”
“Best session! My biggest takeaway was the criteria within the four gates, especially psychological safety. I’m on a project now that has had a complete breakdown of trust. After this session, I went back and implemented the tools, and had some crucial conversations. We’ve seen some improvement!”
~Tim Ahlers, Avvo
~Manager, DPR Construction
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