Training Programs

Change Quest Model
This online, self-paced course will help you lead change in your role as a facilitator, manager and individual in your organization.
Four Gates to Peak Team Performance
Get certified in this online, self-paced facilitator course to help you create consistently high-performing teams.
Brain Aware Leader
A science-based learning solution that gives
managers the critical skills they need to drive success.

This online, self-paced course will help you lead change in your role as a facilitator, manager and individual in your organization.

Get certified in this online, self-paced facilitator course to help you create consistently high-performing teams.

Coming 2021: Brain-Based Manager Training

This brain-based manager training program weaves together several key skills that help managers understand the bigger picture of bringing out the potential in their people and supporting the organization's goals. Managers can apply the content and innovate the tools while keeping the focus on the right priorities.

This manager training has six sessions: Managing People, Coaching for Impact, Emotional Intelligence, Creating Peak Teams, Leading Change, and Driving Execution. The order is intentional and has proven to be very useful across all kinds of industries. Subscribe to be the first to know when it's available.
  • Change Quest is captivating and provides some 'hard facts' to the experiences I've had leading change over 22 years. I'm co-owner of a consulting firm and my entire team is getting certified because this model is so much better than others we have used.
    ~ Andy Kindler, Xcellero
  • Wonderful content, beautiful visuals and relevant activities! The theme and common language used is relatable to everyone, from executives to the frontline. It has been instrumental in shifting the dialogue about change across our organization.
    ~ Nichole Prolifka, Protolabs
  • I've done the "required" management and leadership training at a number of companies from small startups to giants in the enterprise space — including Microsoft and Cisco — and without a doubt the training that Britt has created has been the most engaging and useful of all.
    ~ Tim Ahlers, Avvo
  • Best session! A lot of practical, applicable lessons. The four gates were especially useful to assess various teams I am part of. My biggest takeaway was about psychological safety. I am on a project now that has had a complete breakdown of trust. After this session, I went back and implemented some of the tools. We’ve seen some improvement!”
    ~ Manager, DPR

Science Based Learning

We focus on brain science

Recent discoveries in neuroscience have changed what we know about what brings out the best in people and organizations. All thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are sourced in the brain and Dr. Andreatta’s research on the neuroscience of success has created better tools to maximize how we learn, move through change, work in teams, and reach our full potential.
Brain Based Training

We source validated research

Rigorous research practices are designed to keep us from being mislead or manipulated. The ethical standards for academic research are incredibly high, to protect against the forces of favoritism, politics, and popularity. That is why we look to experienced scientists and research centers that follow the right protocols to ensure their studies are reliable and valid.

We turn ideas into actions

Using her 25+ years in leadership and learning, Dr. Andreatta synthesizes groundbreaking research into actionable solutions that solve today’s workplace challenges. Every model, concept, and action has been road-tested in real organizations across a wide range of industries and sectors.

We integrate the sciences

Dr. Andreatta sources studies and findings across a wide spectrum of disciplines from neuroscience to psychology and biology to organizational development. This broad view allows us to create models and solutions that are validated from many perspectives and represent the best that the brightest minds have to offer.
Test Tubes
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