The Talent Professional’s Guide to Building High-Performing Teams

High Performance Teams

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5 Strategies leaders can learn to hold teams accountable as a unit

Teams take one of three paths: a leap to excellence, a journey to sufficient but unexceptional performance, or a spiral into dysfunction and learned helplessness. Discover the elements that determine their trajectory.

Types of Teams

Every day, teams are asked to move along the continuum of coordination, cooperation, and collaboration. Explore the crucial differences between them and the necessary skills to be successful at each.

7 strategies to build more inclusive teams

Study after study shows that psychological safety is the key differentiator of high-performing teams. Learn how to assess and develop psychological safety as well as belonging and inclusion.

4 brain science steps to develop great teams

While people are biologically wired to connect with others, critical conditions must be met in order to drive peak performance at work. Discover how to create what scientists call neural synchrony and rhythm of team, the hallmark of peak-performing teams.

Introducing the Four Gates to Peak Team Performance

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