Free Brain Science of Change Online Course

Author: Britt Andreatta
Posted On: April 2, 2020

Online course by Dr. Britt Andreatta to help you navigate the new normal

<32>Are you feeling anxious or stressed about the new normal, and overwhelmed by this global pandemic? Do you need some practical strategies to help you manage this difficult time?


I research the brain-science of success, and when I studied how the brain responds to change, I was astounded. Several structures in our brain are designed to protect us from the potentially harmful effects of change, making us not only resistant to change, but less effective than normal when faced with it. We are likely to experience anxiety, anger, and grief. In this collective moment of a global crisis, I am hopeful that our course will help guide you  through this challenge.

Each of us is doing our best to survive this new, massive change-working from home, coping with lost employment, parenting kids no longer in school, mandatory isolation as we try to flatten the curve, and sadly, the devastating loss of loved ones.

We hope that by understanding the brain science of change, you'll find new perspectives and traction on how to adapt to this new and ever-evolving situation.

Change Quest is already used by organizations around the world to help people thrive through professional and organizational change.

Learn more about the brain science of dramatic change and how you can help yourself and others adapt better, and even thrive.

  • The course begins by giving you practical tools for assessing your own bandwidth for change and how you can reduce change fatigue.
  • Next, we dive into the brain science of change including the four brain structures that can be activated by change and how they can drive anxiety, exhaustion, and grief.
  • You'll discover the Change Quest model that synthesizes all of the findings into an effective tool.
  • And you'll gain effective tips and strategies to help you adapt to change more easily.

Our self-paced online course, Change Quest for Individuals, is a customer favorite at Britt Andreatta Training Solutions. Powered by Thought Industries, we'd like it to be our contribution to helping all of us make it through this remarkable and unexpected shift in our world.

As a leader or employee, as a team member, parent or business owner, you'll find useful tips and strategies you can implement today. No doubt about it: change is the one constant we can count on in both our professional and personal lives. And because change in our current moment has become both intense and relentless, our human biology is being pushed to its limits, often driving chaos and confusion. By enrolling in the Change Quest® Model for Individuals, you can leverage knowledge from neuroscience, biology, and organizational psychology to approach change in a new and helpful way.


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