Our body is first and foremost designed to survive. The very future of our species, and our own family lines, depend on this. Living and long and healthy life is tied to several things from our daily needs for real food and water, to sleep, to the ability to life through an actual attack. The core components of survival are: nutrition, sleep, fight or flight, healing, and learning.


As I write this section of the book, I will add content through my posts and articles. Be sure to also check out the Belong and Become sections as well.

three ways we undermine our success—which ones do you do?


The Science

All of my work is grounded in science and I will only share evidence-based strategies and practices. In this section, I will list articles and studies I have used as source material, in case you want to learn more.

Our brain needs sleep to work right

We're built to eat real food

Why our "fight or flight" response rocks

Change can tweak us

You can also get a taste of my message by watching my recent  TEDx talk How Your Past Hijacks Your Future.
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