Introducing the 2017 Workplace Learning Report: Top Trends & Challenges Among L&D Leaders

Author: Britt Andreatta
Posted On: April 9, 2017

This report was written about insights from 500 L&D professionals across the U.S. and Canada and industry leaders to produce the 2017 Workplace Learning Report on LinkedIn Learning.

Unlocking the full potential of talent is the top priority for organizations across the globe. Today’s L&D professionals must navigate an increasingly complex array of technologies – and audiences – to retain, engage and inspire talent in order to ultimately drive business outcomes.

To learn more about the state of L&D, we checked in with over 500 learning pros from the U.S. and Canada about the trends and challenges they’re facing. Their insights form the basis of our first annual 2017 Workplace Learning Report.

The report reveals top challenges, and a multiplicity of approaches to solving them. We uncovered universal concern about skills gaps, at a time when the average shelf-life of skills is under five years. Executives agree that L&D programs can help to close the gap but the “the ROI of learning” is not a simple science, and most L&D pros struggle to prove the value of investments in learning and development. Here’s a closer look at the state of workplace learning, from the professionals on the front lines.

A Moving Target?

L&D pros are united: there’s no gold standard for corporate training. From structure to content to delivery method, learning and development looks different just about everywhere:

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