Are You One of the Women Leaders Who Rock?

Author: Britt Andreatta
Posted On: July 26, 2018

In the current social climate, it doesn’t take long to notice that we need stronger, more impactful and positively influential leaders in our homes, communities, governments, and businesses. And now more than ever, women are poised and ready to play an important role!

Standouts. Game Changers. Motivators. Women Leaders Who Rock!

How can we as women leaders continue to grow, develop and up-level our lives and leadership? How can we exert more positive influence in all areas of our lives? How can we live and lead (ourselves and others), powered by passion, positivity and purpose?

Ready to Rock Your Life and Leadership?

Join me as I’m interviewed by Kristi Staab, creator and host of the NEW online video interview series From the Boardroom to Backstage, Women Leaders Who Rock: Your All-Access Pass to 21 Leadership Experts Who Are Powered by Passion, Positivity and Purpose.

I’m thrilled to be featured as one of the 21 hand-picked daring, dynamic and diverse leadership influencers for this timely, inspirational and empowering event. You’ll receive action-oriented information in the areas of: the brain science of teams, civility and positivity in the workplace, conscious communications, leadership and generational mindsets, increasing inner-strength and health and well-being, and the importance and impact of love, music, money in your life and leadership. And, much more!

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