Dr. Andreatta believes that managers are the cornerstone to great organizations.

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Management Fundamentals

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Good managers empower their employees and their organization to achieve success. They juggle a wide range of tasks and deadlines; know how to effectively manage people, their performance, and the business itself; and help others achieve their potential. And they do it well. Learn to become a manager your employees admire and respect and one your boss can rely on. Dr. Britt Andreatta, chief learning officer for Lynda.com, shows you how to choose the right style of management for you and your workplace, hire and onboard employees, address performance problems, resolve conflict, and manage time, budgets, and performance goals. Plus, learn how to handle tricky situations like transitioning from a peer to a manager, managing multiple generations, and letting employees go.  Sample videos below—view full course on Lynda.com or LinkedIn Learning.

“Excellent, took many notes. Have recommended to colleagues and our HR department for new managerial hires.”

“She is obviously an expert in the field of Management. She speaks clearly and concisely. She knew which topics needed to be covered and out of those which ones were more of a priority. She spent an appropriate amount of time on the topics and gave a wealth of information on them.” 

"I think this presenter is the best on lynda.com. Excellent ideas and delivery."

Delegating Tasks to Your Team

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In this course
, Dr. Britt Andreatta walks you through her delegation process, which helps you assign the right tasks to the right people. The course reveals what delegation can do for you and your team and introduces a four-phase model to delegate tasks and manage projects large and small. The phases include evaluating the task, handing the task over, supporting task completion, and closing the task. In between, learn how to pick the right level of autonomy for each task and the best ways to avoid micromanagement. Sample videos below—view full course on Lynda.com or LinkedIn Learning.

“Great content which everyone who works in Team- or supervised-environment should watch.  Watching made me think about things I'd do if I was a manager to improve relationship with my employees.  Wish my manager had a lynda.com membership. 😉 Section on micro-management was good. I liked instructor’s empathetic tone. I also enjoyed the comments about using the information yourself when receiving a delegated task. I'll have structured set of things to ask about. Yeah!” 

"Material was excellent!  Easy-to-understand method of teaching how to successfully delegate tasks!  These steps I was not aware of, but now knowing them, will make my job easier!"

Now available in German, French and Spanish on Video2Brain.com.

Managing Multi-Generational Workplaces

For the 2013 Partnership for Excellence Conference. Watch screen-capture videos here:
Part 1          Part 2          Part 3          Part 4

PFE Multi-gen Andreatta  (powerpoint deck)
Today’s workforce is a dynamic mix of the generations—Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials work side-by-side but actually have very different ways of working, communicating and viewing the world. These differences can sometimes lead to miscommunication and conflict in the workplace, and the philanthropic sector is no exception. This session will help participants understand generational styles of working, thinking and communicating and how each generation’s culture is impacted by society. Gain a better understanding of how to draw on the strengths of many generations and to successfully navigate the inherent tensions between the styles.

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