Individual and Enterprise Solutions

Finally! Online learning that is both engaging and delivers real behavior change. Courses are brain-based, bite-sized and self-paced.

Why spend time and money only to keep doing what you’re already doing? The point of learning is to change, grow and transform. Whether you’re an individual seeking to improve your skills or an organization trying to uplevel your workforce, you’ll find effective solutions here.



Enterprise Solutions

Learners can enroll in online, self-paced courses that blend video learning, gamification, hands-on practice, and engaging social interactions. Benefits include:

· Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone

· Progress at your own pace, honoring the way you learn best

· Apply the learning to your life through actions you can begin implementing right away

· Learn through a variety of modes designed to make the content memorable


Enterprise Solutions


Drive rapid transformation across your organization with enterprise solutions designed by an experienced Chief Learning Officer. Benefits include:

· Solutions designed with modern and evidence-based best practices

· Self-paced Facilitator Training allows you to get up and running quickly

· Use a customized learning portal to make online courses available to your organization where you can track learners’ progress

· Get access to a rich set of tools you can use to drive effective learning and real behavior change

Brain-based, Bite-sized, and Self-paced

We design courses based on how the human brain learns best. You’ll enjoy bite-sized learning modules and a flexible format that lets you go at your own pace. Gamification motivates learners to make progress and hands-on activities help you build the correct behaviors until they become a habit.

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