Dr. Andreatta has created several materials to help people and organizations move through change successfully. Her newest book, Wired to Resist: The Brain Science of Why Change Fails and a New Model to Drive Success will be out March 2017 along with several learning solutions.

Online Video Courses

Leading Change

Help your organization embrace change and make sure new initiatives are successful. In this course, Britt Andreatta, PhD, shows you how to lead your organization through change in a five-phase model that includes assessing the need for change, deciding who to involve, designing the change, announcing it, and implementing it in a way that sticks.

Along the way, the course covers techniques that will increase the likelihood of your change succeeding, such as anticipating resistance, creating a compelling vision, and using emotional intelligence to build staff consensus. Sample videos are below—view full course on Lynda.com or LinkedIn Learning.

Views: 300,675 in 145 countries (as of 1.21.2017)

“The instructor was excellent and the material I felt provided many insights into a difficult change process I was going through. Absolutely wonderful! Usually these types of courses tend to drag and run on. I felt energized watching it and am going to share the course with others.”

“My company was re-orged this year. It's comforting to me to see and understand the theory and research behind my experience (such as having my job redefined by a new manager without any input or planning) but also a bummer to see how poorly the organization did and how common it is! I wish I had a good way to get our managers and directors to view this presentation! The high quality visuals and video snippits were great - an excellent blend of different learning media to appeal to different learning styles and keep viewers engaged.”

Learning Solutions for Organizations

Having served as a Chief Learning Officer, Britt understands how important learning is to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. Through maximizing the skills of your people, you will unlock potential at all levels. She has created powerful learning solutions for organizations of all types. Learn more here.

Britt Andreatta
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