Interview Questions

Britt’s research and work cover a wide range of key topics including change, teams, collaboration, innovation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, employee engagement, and cultural competence, to name a few. Below are some sample interview questions based on her recent books.


  • Brain science is a field that intimidates many people. Why is it your go-to source?
  • How can someone get in touch with you?


  • What has your research uncovered about using brain science to enhance change management and adaptability to change?
  • Harvard Business Review claims that 50-70% of change initiatives fail. How might a brain-based approach shift that?
  • What is change fatigue and how prevalent is it in today’s workplaces?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make when leading change?
  • Can you give us 3-5 practical tips for driving successful change?


  • What has your research uncovered about using brain science to enhance the performance of teams in the workplace?
  • What separates the best performing teams from the medium and poor performing ones?
  • How does our brain sync up with others during collaboration? And how can we help facilitate better collaboration?
  • How does our brain develop a sense of belonging or inclusion in a group?
  • You make a powerful case for in-person exchanges but what does that mean for remote employees?
  • Can you give us 3-5 practical tips for increasing the effectiveness of all teams in your organization?


  • From a neuroscience perspective, what do we know about learning that we didn’t know 5 or 10 years ago?
  • What are the benefits of microlearning?
  • What are some ways organizations can create blended learning or the flipped classroom?
  • You talk about the value of failure—how can organizations create environments where it’s safe to take risks and make mistakes?
  • You created the Growth Culture Model and the 3-Phase Model of Learning. How the average person use these in their everyday life?
  • You talk about the power of the growth mindset (coined by Dr. Carol Dweck). Can any skill be learned by anyone or are there some limitations?


  • What is the neuroscience of mindfulness?
  • What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
  • What are some of the benefits of mindfulness for the average person?
  • Why should organizations invest in providing mindfulness for their employees?
  • You have shared that you reluctantly began a meditation practice. Tell us more.
  • If someone wanted to give it a try, what suggestions or tips would you have?


  • What are you working on right now that has you most excited?
  • What is your favorite… quote, book, tool, habit, piece of advice you received, dessert, movie, etc.?
  • You are a parent/you have a daughter. How does your work shape your parenting?
  • You were a competitive ice skater for many years. How does that background shape your current work?
  • Can you tell us a couple of things that are on your bucket list?
  • What’s a challenge that has you stumped right now?
  • You talk about rewards. How do you reward yourself when you finish a book or a big project?

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